He is You

He looks so much like you
White, pale and red, lips
Almost cold like a vampire
But hot and lovable

He talks like you
Slow and introverted
As valuable as his opinion
Golds in his mouth

He walks like you
Long step, like a flamingo
Rarely looking up
Avoid conversations as much as you would

He smiles like you
Like everyone does
But freestyle in photography
His Fleming’s left hand
Reminds me of you

I thought I was imagining things
Until I saw him in those pictures
And I started to wonder if he were
Actually you

Or if it was just me
Missing you

He is someone

He is someone,
That I’d exchange raya wishes every year
Just to feel like its Hari raya


Let's keep our memories in Polaroid.

The moments that keep slipping
Out of our memory lane
Hold it close to land
Before it turns into sand

These memories
from the last one and half a year
from the moment of knowing these crazy lads
To this minute where we're hugging
in tears of never coming back

Let's keep this love and hate and smile
in shape of polaroid we adore
in an album of tears
and running
to the time we lost and the shit we caused

we cant go back
we're going through this
just this one time

so hold on to your feet
get a grip
stand up and live

because we'll never know when we'll meet again
so let's treasure those moments before it pass


Image result for haikyuu spike
one of the best sport anime


stands for Majlis Persada Sukan dan Ilmiah

when I was in form 5, I discovered my talent in choral speaking. that's like self-entitled talent haha

but yeah it's felt natural for me to make the 'choreography' or what they call it.

Pause Puasa

Puasa ertinya menahan diri. Dari segi istilah ialah menahan diri daripada lapar dan dahaga dan perkara-perkara yang membatalkan puasa dari terbit fajar hingga terbenam matahari. obviously we all tahu lah.

but today, i've found a new definition for puasa.

Puasa pada aku ialah menahan diri....

this is maggi asam laksa with egg
this is  obviously McD spicy fried chicked aka bae

....daripada makan benda-benda yang merepek.


aku puasa 3 hari straight takde can nak makan benda-benda yang tak berkhasiat ni. harini saje nak pause kejap.

boom! koyak dompet rabak!

itu belum lagi craving sushi aku time ramadhan haritu.

Allah lindungi aku dan bank akaun aku dari neraka, akhirat dan dunia. šŸ˜‚

anyway those pics is my breakfast and lunch today, i havent even touch rice. hahaha gaya hidup tak sihat teruih

p/s: i should order original rather than spicy, i know i cant eat spicy things. ughh