First time doing new things

we went to East Coast Mall, we went to Sushi King. It's my second time ever, going. We went in too early that the waitress told us they only serve breakfast menu until 12 PM. so we told her we'll come back, and that's where we went to Daiso. and these girls started recommending stuff and make a list of things to buy for entering university. haha

University Offer

hey guys! its been a while since my past post. sorry for being a disappointment! i was a bit busy preparing to enter a university as an undergraduate this September, and i really like the last poem i wrote called "when you loft me". i was just imagining what will happen when i lost my loved ones. although its a bit exaggerated but i still wonder how i will react if it wasn't depressed.

anyway i will enroll in an international university called IIUM. Computer Science.

now quick rant: somewhere in the near future, robot will do all our work. so what job else do we have? engineer obviously, who will create robot if not engineer, software developer and all that. so i think CS is a very important course that needed my brain hah!

ofcourse there is also lawyer, judge, work that needs human to solve. robot cant solve problem. they dont have brain. they have artificial intelligence only.

done ranting

apart from that, i think i kinda told you guys abt my iphone 5s that i bought from my brother somewhere in ramadhan.. actually the phone broke quite a few time so i dont think i want to use it in another city, i dont know how to repair it if anything happen. so i bought a new phone from xiaomi. i ordered from lazada and still waiting for it to come. and i need to survey good laptop under 2.5k MYR for university use.

yep i think thats it. im going to become a university student soon yayy haha say goodbye to jobless life.

see ya

when you left me.

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when you left me
I couldn't stand up
for quite some time

He is You

He looks so much like you
White, pale and red, lips
Almost cold like a vampire
But hot and lovable

He talks like you
Slow and introverted
As valuable as his opinion
Golds in his mouth

He walks like you
Long step, like a flamingo
Rarely looking up
Avoid conversations as much as you would

He smiles like you
Like everyone does
But freestyle in photography
His Fleming’s left hand
Reminds me of you

I thought I was imagining things
Until I saw him in those pictures
And I started to wonder if he were
Actually you

Or if it was just me
Missing you

He is someone

He is someone,
That I’d exchange raya wishes every year
Just to feel like its Hari raya